Chun Chi Important Commentaries

1992 – Professional Track Work construction company since 1992 with significant
experience on railway projects of Taiwan Railway Administration Bureau

2005 – Permanent Railway Construction between New Wudu Tunnel and N. Second Highway in Taipei

  • Civil Work Re-construction & Trackwork Renovation of Niuchou Creek River Section in Chiayi
  • Hualien Depot Underpass & Cable Through Construction (Civil)

2007 – Nangang Station Permanent Underground Railway Construction, CL304, 305, 306

  • TRA MRT Systematization Project – TsuNan Station Overpass Building Construction

2008 – TRA Tainan Salun Branch Line Project – Non Ballasted Trackwork

  • TRA Linbian River Bridge Improving Scheme 3rd Project – Trackwork

2009 – TRA Hsinchu NeiWan Branch Line Improving Scheme Project – Trackwork

2012 – TRA 3rd Rails Construction between Wudu Station and Zhangshuwan Station -Trackwork

  • TRA CL314 Project – Shanli Tunnel Trackwork
  • TRA CL113 Project – Trackwork between Fenglin Station and Guangfu Station
  • TRA CL112 Project – Trackwork Fengtian Station and Fenglin Station

2013 – TRA Pingtung Station and N. Pingtung Railway Viaduct Trackwork

2015 – TRA ACL131Z Project – Kaohsiung Permanent Underground Railway Construction

2016 – An-Keng Light Rail Transit System Track Work